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Welcome! :)

Please add your city to the wiki located here: http://myminicity.schneelocke.net/

For information on the wiki please see this entry: http://community.livejournal.com/myminicity/7828.html

Happy clicking! :)

New MiniCity!

I started my city today and am hoping to get some population help.



I'm going through the member listing, clicking on them all. Am I supposed to add myself to that list?

MyMiniCity Updater for Firefox

I wrote a extension to Firefox. This addon will automatically update your city has launched FireFox.

https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/10172 (Install)

Sorry for my English.

And visit http://megatron.ws.myminicity.com/

Dec. 12th, 2008

Hi, everyone! I just found this community so I thought I'd introduce myself. MidnightBlue could use a little bit of population love, so any clicks are much appreciated. Thanks!
I just found this place! Help support Asishtari?


Hey there... I just found this place... Help support Memo-ville!


Edit: Ended up spamming myself! I had a LJ feed of my city to keep tabs on it... So many incoming links! LOL

Here's a hoot

I just visited indtonia, where we are supposed to increase industry as much as possible, and got a bit of a surprise. The message told me that zero factories just closed for insufficient workers. The factory-closing message has actually been popping up regularly, with a random number, up to 4 at a time (at least that is the highest I think that I have seen yet--I may not be remembering correctly) but it surprised me that zero would be one of the range of possible numbers. Of course, the zero closings action did preclude opening another, so it was still a response to the small workforce.


Even though I requested repeatedly in the "News Bulletin" that visitors to Incomersville only add to population, one individual seems to have taken it on himself to singlehandedly destroy the whole rationale for the place. Due to him, the unemployment figure, which I did have approaching 50% thanks to those who were honoring my request, is now down to 18%. Basically, I have decided to consider this experiment a lost cause.

Nor am I the only one who has been stung by this inconsiderate person. Another city, that was requesting "Industry Only," was being fed the population I wanted, while Incomersville was being swamped with the factories that should have been built in Indtonia.

Announcing an experiment

We all know that if a myminicity grows too fast without taking care of certain basic needs, people start moving away. But at the same time, population growth can continue in spite of the people moving out because of the pressure of people moving in. The question I had about this was what happens if a myminicity is sustained entirely by "incomers" that is, people moving in from outside. Hence this experiment.

Incomersville has just been started, so there is no possibility yet for anything but adding new population. What I want, however, is for no one ever to develop this town in any way other than increasing population. Will there come a tipping point where the town completely implodes or will it be possible to maintain some kind of community entirely by incomers who want to live for a while in the town without doing anything to improve it?

Please join the experiment and come build up the population! I have set http://incomersville.myminicity.com/ up as my browser's home page, so I will be adding to the population every day when I restart, but I still need help to make the experiment work. Growth will be too slow if I have to do it all on my own.

totally newbie'ish!

I thought this was a nice place to start out/get help...
so here's my city link: http://birnasgorm.myminicity.com/
...how much popularity do you need in order to go on with, say industry and such?
(oh and hello veryone!)

Greetings from Skullxia!

Hi all! I got on the myminicity bandwagon a couple months ago. Nice to see a small community of people that enjoy it as well!

Here's some links for you to help me out if you would please!

The XML view to see what needs what! :)