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My method

For each of my cities (and yes, I admit to having more than one, which is why I'm not posting them here,) I always subscribe to RSS for every visitor, so I never forget anyone. Then I use the XML to see what each one needs before visiting, and bring along what they need. If a city is 1000pop+ and is good to go, I bring along a shop, otherwise it's a pop. Once a city is in the RSS visitors folder, they get at least one visit every day.

I still haven't figured out this posting limit thing, but I suspect now that it may have something to do with a ratio, since I've noticed that if I run out of posting privilege (reload a page and my post is not there, or post to a blank board and see that the "this city doesn't talk much" is still visible above my post) I can visit some cities without posting, and a few posts will stick again. This is really annoying, but the worst part is no one seems to know how the limit works, and there doesn't seem anyplace that explains it. Weirder still is the fact that I've seen other cities that post frequently seemingly without a problem.

Anyway, as a result of this, I post very little most of the time. Mostly I'll post a thank-you every so often in my own cities (mostly for a bookmark so I can see where I left off), and post something to a new city so they can see I've been there (but these don't always stick, since the limit seems to be very small). When I say, "new city", I mean those I pick at random, either from the ranking list, or more often from another city's board.

Edit: As of May 21, 2009 I currently have 91 cities I visit every day, not including my own and random visits. Once on that list, you never come off, and it grows every day. Any visit with a city name somewhere in a post gets on the list. I realize I'm not the only one with a posting-limit problem, and I'm sorry if you visit and I don't see you, but I only have that board to know who's been to one of my cities.

Edit: (May 28, 2009)
[26/05] k2Kore: Oh! I see. As for the postings to the same town, 24 hours should pass. If the same IP, the number of postings during a day is max 50.
[26/05] k2Kore: It often fails when there is a large amount of at the same time access.
[26/05] k2Kore: perhaps, I think so.
[26/05] k2Kore: well, 'Max 50' is number of cities. this board also has a prohibition words. (ex:url, etc...)

Edit: (June 9, 2009)
No longer automatically posting /com to those over 1000. Now checking ratio first.

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